Thank you, Elizabeth!

The Museum Bids a Fond Farewell to Elizabeth d’Huart

After many years of exemplary work for the Benicia Historical Museum, Elizabeth d’Huart, Executive Director, has tendered her resignation and moved out-of-state with her new husband.

During her decade of employment in this position, Ms. d’Huart has overseen a complete transformation of the Museum. According to the Board of Directors, Elizabeth brought about many positive changes that have enhanced virtually every aspect and operation of the Museum.

To name just a few –

  • Established new vision and mission statements along with a revamped website
  • Designed and oversaw a complete renewal of the Museum’s permanent exhibits and Visitor Center
  • Assisted in creating new partnerships in the community with Arts Benicia, Benicia Rotary Club, Benicia Historical Society, Benicia Performing Arts Foundation and other similar organizations
  • Supervised the installation of LED lighting and structural improvements
  • Ensured that the Museum has been kept in a financially viable state
  • Implemented a number of new education programs, including the Camelcast podcast series, which has been extremely popular with the public unable to visit the Museum during the pandemic.

Prior to joining the Benicia Historical Museum in August 2010, Elizabeth had been the Director of the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art in Buckhead, Georgia. Before that, she had varied and wide-ranging careers in politics, banking, and sales; also working as an editor for TV Guide Magazine, as a staffer for Senator Walter Mondale, and in the Trans World Airlines public relations department.

The Museum Board of Directors would like to express its most sincere appreciation to Elizabeth for all she has done and accomplished for the Museum in the past decade!

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