Rancho Suscol | Camelcast – Season 2, Ep. 1

The Benicia Historical Museum’s COVID Quarantine Camelcast returns for a second season!

Providing a “camel’s eye view” of Benicia’s unique history.

Season 2 of the COVID Quarantine Camelcast kicks of with the first of two episodes examining the history of Rancho Suscol. The area of this 84,000 acre land grant, given in 1843, spans present-day Napa and Solano counties, and includes the cities of Vallejo and Benicia. Join us as Executive Director Elizabeth d’Huart and Museum Research Historian Dr. Jim Lessenger discuss the history, people, and politics intertwined with the land in Rancho Suscol: Its Religious, Revolutionary, and Homestead History (Part 1).

Jim Lessenger, a long-standing Museum volunteer and Chair of the Exhibits committee, is a physician by profession and an historian by hobby. He has published thirty-one articles and two books in the field of medicine, and four books in the field of history. Jim has long been fascinated by California history, and Benicia has enough history and stories to fill a shelf of books. Dr. Lessenger still practices medicine by volunteering as the medical director of a free clinic and drug treatment community.


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