Commander McAllister

 Julian McAllister was the commanding officer of the arsenal from 1860 to 1886 and built a great deal of the buildings at the arsenal at that time.  He was the son of a prominent Savannah, Georgia family, the brother of New York society leader Ward McAllister and Hall...

The Clocktower 1859

When the new arsenal commander, Franklin D. Callender took over in 1856, he requested appropriations to be set aside for a new storehouse.  His correspondence to the ordnance office in Washington show his interest in the aesthetic as well as functional aspects of the...

The Powder Magazines 1855

There were two powder magazines constructed by Commander Stone, one on the extreme north of the property and one shown in the photo which is directly behind the storehouses which now hold the Museum.  The first was begun in 1855 and the second in 1857 and were...
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