Benicia’s Little-Known Gem | Camelcast – Season 1, Ep. 8

Listen to the eighth episode of the Benicia Historical Museum’s COVID Quarantine Camelcast!

Providing a “camel’s eye view” of Benicia’s unique history.


 In this episode, Executive Director Elizabeth d’Huart and Museum volunteer Allan Gandy talk about The Sandstone Powder Magazine – Benicia’s Little-Known Gem.  Learn about the construction and history of this beautiful building – originally Benicia Arsenal Building #10, and now just one of the four sandstone buildings in the Camel Barns complex.

Allan Gandy is a 43-year resident of Benicia, and volunteers in our Archives Department and as a Museum Docent. He has written several research documents for the Museum, including The Sandstone Powder Magazine at the Benicia Arsenal – Benicia’s Little-Known Gem and a pamphlet for kids about camels.


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If you missed our other Podcast episodes  – Why Are There No Camels at the Camel Barns?, Manifest Destiny, or “Do You Have a Flag?”, The War Within the State Meets the War Between the States: California’s Place in the Civil War, Matthew Turner: Benicia’s Genius Who Changed Ship Design, Rezanov and Concepción: Benicia’s Romeo and Juliet, Gold Rush in the Golden State, and Benicia’s Early VIPs: General Vallejo and His Peeps — be sure to give them a listen!


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