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Museum of History Benicia (MoHB) brings to life the rich history of California as told through the story of Benicia. Our museum offers an immersive journey – from the native Patwin people who lived on our shores to the vibrant neighborhoods that our children play in today. MoHB provides engaging, curriculum aligned programs emphasizing experiential learning and critical thinking. Tailored to meet state standards, our educational experiences ensure relevance to your curriculum. Join us for a fun and memorable field trip that brings history to life! Book now to guarantee your students an unforgettable educational adventure.

Museum to You

Onsite Enrichment Options

Traveling Trunks: Bring hands-on history to your classroom for 2 weeks with our trunks of artifacts. Current topics include, Early California, Native Californians, Civil War and Gold Rush.

Coming soon: World War I and World War II

Professional Development: Contact us for information on opportunities for free and low-cost PD for your group.

Coming Soon: Museum-in-Residence. This new program will set up an exhibit at your school. You provide the room, we facilitate each class’s visit.

How to Book a Tour

To reserve your spot, email education@mohbenicia.org and request a registration form. Once received, complete the
registration form in its entirety.

Approximately one month before your scheduled visit, you’ll receive comprehensive details on your field trip arrangements. This will include guidance for chaperones, directions to our sites, and a timeline of activities.

Ensure payment is made for the tour at least two weeks prior to your visit. Refunds for absent students will be processed on the day of the field trip.

Program Pricing


Up to 16 Students


Additional Students


Add Table Activities


Hands-on History

Up to 16 Students


17-24 Students


25-32 Students


Archaeology Field School

Up to 16 Students


17-32 Students


Traveling Trunk

Rental Fee




Hands on History

Time: 90 mins. (**Allow 2 hours)

Essential Questions / Activity Samples
Home Front (WWI/ WWII)
4th - 12th
What did people do at home to support war efforts? / Knitting, cooking
Be a Curator
1st - 6th
What does a curator do?/ Create an exhibit.
Archaeology Field School
1st - 12th
How do archaeologists work? / Excavating & evaluating artifacts **
Science of Firefighting
K - 6th
How does fire burn? What can we do to be safe?/ Extinguishing fire, fire safety
Defending the Bay (Civil War)
4th - 12th
How was the Bay Area defended? / Visit powder magazine, strategy game
Architecture (up to-1870)
PK - 8th
How have people built dwellings & other buildings? / Adobe bricks, "tulle" building, tents
Reading the River (Gold Rush)
1st - 8th
How did prospectors know w here to look for gold? / Gold panning
Writing History (1840s-1940s)
3rd - 8th
What can we learn about a society from their newspapers? / Create a newspaper
Codes & Cyphers (Civil War)
3rd - 8th
What are codes & cyphers? Why are they used?/ Civil War Signal Corps, Morse code

Children's Tours

Time: 45 mins. (*optional table activities)

Hometown History
What are the important events, places and people in Benicia's past.
PK - 3rd
How have people & things moved in our area from before Europeans to now?
Museum Explorer
PK - 3rd
Why are museums important? What makes MoHB special?
Artifacts as Primary Sources
K - 12th
What can artifacts tell us about the way people lived in the past?
Petroglyphs to Emojis
K - 6th
How have people used symbols to communicate? Why are symbols important?

Contact Us

Email: education@mohbenicia.org

Website: https://mohbenicia.org/education

Arsenal Galleries and Office
2060 Camel Rd, Benicia, CA 94570

Downtown Gallery
900 E 2nd St, Benicia, CA 94570


ChaRerones: For Hands-on History, we require a 7:4 ratio.

ForTours, either 7:4 or 7:6 is acceptable.

Chaperones should be prepared to assist children with activities.

Payment: Payment in full must be made 2 weeks in advance. We take credit cards, cash and checks.

Days and Times: Wednesday-Friday at 9:30 am or Noon.

Lunch/Snack: You are welcome to eat in our garden at our Arsenal site. Our Downtown site does not have a place to eat, but is a short walk from parks.

Locations: Most field trips are at our Arsenal location at 2060 Camel Rd.

WWI & WWII themed visits are held at our Downtown Gallery at 900 East 2nd St.

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