Financial Report 2020

SEPTEMBER 25, 2020

Prior to COVID-19, the Museum was on an upward funding trajectory in terms of donations, sponsorships, rental income, and other earned revenue from fundraising and ticket events.  However, since mid-March, State and County mandates have effectively eliminated an average of approximately $5,900 monthly earned income revenue – a severe financial handicap for this nonprofit. Although our expenses have been cut dramatically, and the Museum has successfully applied for and received approximately $23,500 through various federal and City grants (in addition to the City annual award), we are projecting a funding shortfall in the year 2021 unless we are able to reopen the Museum and Hall as before.  Should a second federal stimulus package be forthcoming, we will be in a much better position financially; otherwise, we may be taking up the low-interest, thirty-year Economic Injury Disaster Loan for small businesses currently on offer to cover any shortfall.  We would ask our members to be generous with their support – please read the Executive Director’s Report which discusses the new CARES ACT tax benefits for charitable contributions.

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