Archaeology Field School

Designed for Grades 3-8
Allow 2-hours minimum

Price: $12.00 Per Student + $25.00 Non-Refundable Deposit

Overview: Designed to give students an understanding of the field of Archeology, Archeology Field School offers students the chance to unearth artifacts representative of those held in the Benicia Historical Museum’s Permanent Collection. The program is designed to be customizable for grades 3-8 and introduces students to current archeological practices. Students will be introduced to archeological terminology and practice through an initial introductory presentation which will utilize digital renditions of archeological artifacts held in the Museum’s Collection. Students will learn to read soil, classify artifacts, record locations in the strata, and more. The Field School encompasses traditional classroom-style instruction with hands-on experience as students move to an outside replicated dig site where they will put their more formal introduction into practice. Each “dig site” contains layers of material seeded with “artifacts,” made up from the Museum’s education collections. Students will utilize proper tools, recording practices, sifting methods, etc.

NOTE: This is an outdoor activity.

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