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The Benicia Historical Museum offers educational tours of the Museum buildings and exhibits housed in the 1850s original Benicia Arsenal buildings.

Tours are composed of three tour spaces:

1. The Museum’s main gallery, featuring exhibits on Benicia’s history with such topics as: the native Patwins of Solano County, the founding of Benicia and California, the Gold Rush, The Benicia Arsenal, manufacturing, and the arts.

2. The Powder Magazine where the Arsenal explosives were stored.

3. Hands-on reenactment activities of the “daily life” of 1850s-1890s California pioneers, with students, teachers, and chaperones participating in active learning.

To schedule these special Museum tours please fill out the Education Tours Form with a tour date and time, and pay the $25 non-refundable deposit. Your deposit will be credited to the total due on the day of the tour. The cost is calculated at $8.00 per student, with no fee for teachers and adult chaperones.


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