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Museum of History, Benicia – Arsenal Galleries

🏛️ Discover the Rich History at the Arsenal Gallery 🏛️ (2600 Camel Rd, Benicia, CA)

Have you ever wondered about the fascinating history of the Benicia Arsenal? Well, you’re in for a treat! The Arsenal Gallery, is a hidden gem that offers a glimpse into the past.

🏰 The Arsenal Gallery boasts four original 1850’s Benicia Arsenal Buildings, constructed from native Californian sandstone quarried right near the Museum site. This rustic, austere style set a precedent that was used in most of the Benicia Arsenal buildings from the 19th Century. In fact, the Arsenal is one of only three locations where native stone was used for US military installations, the others being Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, and Ft. Tejon, California.

🔑 What makes these buildings even more special is the keystone decoration adorning them – a cannonball surmounted by a flame. This emblem represents the symbol of the US Army Ordnance Depot, a nod to the rich military heritage that surrounds the Arsenal Gallery.

📜 So, if you’re a history enthusiast, a lover of architecture, or simply curious about our nation’s past, the Arsenal Gallery is a must-visit destination. Come explore the legacy of the Benicia Arsenal and experience a unique piece of American history right in our backyard.

🗓️ Plan your visit today and take a step back in time at the Arsenal Gallery. Don’t miss out on this remarkable experience!

Museum of History, Benicia – Downtown 

🌟 Exciting History Expedition Alert! 🌟 (900 E. 2nd Street, Benicia CA)

Calling all history buffs and curious minds! If you’re eager to dive into the fascinating past of Benicia, you’re in for a treat. The Museum of History Benicia Downtown Gallery is here to transport you back in time, helping you explore the rich tapestry of our city’s history throughout the 20th century.

🌎 Step Back in Time: World Wars and Industrialization 🏭

🔍 Discover the intricate narratives of both World War I and World War II and their impact on our community.

🏗️ Witness the remarkable transformation and industrialization of Benicia that shaped our beloved town into what it is today.

This immersive journey through time is an absolute must for anyone who loves to unravel the stories of our past.

🎟️ Get your tickets now! 🎟️

Best part? Your ticket not only grants you access to the Museum of History Benicia Downtown Gallery but also includes entry to the nearby Museum of History Benicia Arsenal Galleries.

🗓️ Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with the roots of our city and gain a deeper appreciation for the journey that brought us here. Mark your calendars and let the adventure begin!

Museum Gallery

Museum Gallery (Upstairs)

Floor two of the Stone Hall houses our main Museum gallery (Building #9). Built in 1854, this was originally a storehouse for the Arsenal. This area features exhibits ranging from the Native Californians of Solano County, to the founding of California, to the Gold Rush, to current-day arts in Benicia.

Stone Hall

Stone Hall

The lower level of Building #9 is known as Captain Charles P. Stone Hall. Here we host many events; including First Friday At The Museum, Art Camel Gallery, History Talks, Concerts, and more. The hall can also be rented for weddings and private events. See our Rentals page for details.

Spenger Garden

Spenger Garden

Spenger Memorial Garden, is located behind Stone Hall and was dedicated in 2008 to the memory of Catherine and Paul Spenger. The garden is a charming space for a picnic after a Museum tour and is available to rent for private events. See our Rentals page for details.

Gallery 7

The Benicia Fire Collection

The Benicia Fire Collection at the Museum of History Benicia showcases the rich and captivating history of firefighting in the region, offering a unique glimpse into the heroic efforts and equipment used to protect the community over the years.


Museum Office

Museum Offices

Currently, our Museum Offices (Building #8). Erected in 1855, this was originally the Engine House, and later served as a guardhouse, an Army Officer’s office, a chapel, a cartridge bag shop, and an artist’s studio.

Powder Magazine

The Powder Magazine

The Powder Magazine (Building #10) is a unique adventure. Built in 1857 from native Benicia sandstone by predominantly Irish stonemasons, this is one of the few remaining examples of the stonemasons’ art in California, from the vaulted ceilings to the carved capitals on the pillars. The Museum has restored this building and installed a display of Benicia Arsenal artifacts. At the present time, the Powder Magazine is open to visitors by appointment only.

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